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AUGUST 6-27, 2020
10:30am-Noon CST

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Grounded in Simplicity Parenting, this course provides support for families with children of all ages, teaching them the importance of surrounding children with an environment which is calm and nurturing, rhythmical, and conscious.  These are the foundations for health, resilience and self-regulation.  Families learn to provide predictability and security, as well as how to create space for a child's creative imagination with free play and learning how to involve children in home life tasks and strengthening your unique family culture.

Parents and care-givers will also learn how to filter out the adult world as we explore the effects of media and adult conversation on the young child.

Parents who take steps along this pathway learn methods to break negative habitual patterns, strengthen observation and appreciation skills, see struggles in parenting as gifts, create spaciousness and build joy, wonder and confidence in parent and child relationships.

The course consists of 4 ninety-minute sessions from 10:30am - 12:00pm CST on the following dates:
     August 6:    Compassionate Parenting
     August 13:  Conscious Environment
     August 20:  Rhythm of Home Life
     August 27:  Filtering Out the Adult World

Fee:  $150/$125/$100*
Dawn Mountain (paid) members eligible for a 20% discount from your selected level.  Enter code MEMBER20 during registration to receive your discount.

Instructor Bio:
Stephanie Cleary is a certified educator of Simplicity Parenting as well as a Simplicity Parenting Life Coach.  She holds group sessions for parents while also providing individual Simplicity Coaching sessions for families with young children.

Based in New York, Stephanie provides both in person and on-line learning for adults.  She mentors and trains educators domestically and has also launched successful satellite classes abroad, expanding conscious parenting around the globe.

In addition, Stephanie is certified as a Discipline and Guidance Educator.  Her work in discipline and guidance teaches parents a conscious way of raising children as a loving authority, and provides support to teachers of older children in our schools.  The parents she teaches are inspired to see themselves in the role of a wise and secure guide who provides clear direction for their child, thus raising them to grow into secure adults.  Stephanie educates adults in a deeper awareness of child development, resulting in patient and compassionate approaches to discipline and parenting.

Stephanie holds an undergraduate degree in Art, and earned her Waldorf Early Childhood certification form Sunbridge College.  Stephanie has been teaching yoga since 2000.  She completed Kundalini teacher training in 2000 and in 2002 she completed Yoga and Ayurveda teacher training at the Queens Yoga Institute.  Since 2000, she is a certified Helix Practitioner:  offering the liberating work of healing, spirituality, and the essential skills of Eastern and Western psychotherapy.

*Dawn Mountain charges for most retreats and programs on a sliding scale, reognizing the wide variation in individuals' fiscal capabilities.  Those with greater ability are encouraged to contribute at the higher levels, helping to support and extend Dawn Mountain's teachings.  As always, no one is turned away due to lack of funds.  Call Jerri at 713-630-0354 or email to discuss your personal situation.