Teaching Tuesdays - 2020 Fall Series


Online Only


LIVING WISDOM: Eastern and Western Resources

First and Third Tuesdays

Available via broadcast only unless otherwis specified

We all sense there can be something more to our lives, something we don't find on phones and other devices.  The wisdom traditions of Asia and the West offer practical and profound ways to enhance our lived experience.  Drawing on the famous Mind Training Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, and insights drawn from modern emotional/cognitive science we will look at life's existential challenges and the real promise of our spiritual potential.

Dawn Mountain Lamas Anne Klein and Harvey Aronson
Dawn Mountain Practice Leader Sharon Jackson
Mark Yurewicz, M.D.
Dent Gitchel, Ph.D
Renee Ford, Ph.D.

Fee:  $120/Free to Members*
Teaching Tuesdays are included in membership for Dawn Mountain (paid) members.  Ask us about membership!

*As always, no one turned away due to lack of funds.  Please call Jerri at (713) 630-0354 to discuss your personal situation.