Yeshe Tsogyal 2021 - Full Cycles


Online Only


Dakini Foundational and Accomplishment Practice
from the Luminous Heart Essence (Osel Nyingthig)

April 30, 2021-May 9, 2021

Available via Broadcast only

We, like many of you, have been discovering new depths to this practice.  This retreat brings us together to further the path of this exquisite practice.  Our purpose is to deepen understanding of what Rinpoche has taught and pur this deeply into our being.

The retreat begins with 3 days of deepened reflection through teaching the Dakini Foundation and Accomplishment Practice.  It will include supportive practices like Jigme Lingpa's pith instructions and Rinpoche's Lotus Dance.

We then commence upon 5 days of formal practice - Drub Cho.  This will include both collective and individual practice.  Individual meetings with ongoing students will be scheduled in order of retreat sign up.

Ad.zom Rinpoche has emphasized the inportance of closing together after a deep retreat.  We ask you to join us on Sunday, May 9 for our final session and a closing Brunch/Tshog.

Our retreat is open to the following students:

  • Any student who has received the Yeshe Tsogyal Dakini Foundational Practices from Lama Rigzin Drolma.
  • Students who take our online Cycles 2018 initial retreat on Yeshe Tsogyal prior to April 15, 2021.  More information is available here.
  • Students who received this practice from Lama Tsultrim or Tulku Osel Dorje.

May all be auspicious!

Fee: This retreat is part of your Dzogchen Cycles program, but you must register to receive the links.

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