Teaching Tuesdays- 2019 Winter Series




First and Third Tuesdays
January 15-May 21, 2019

Available live and via broadcast

In this series, we will continue our exploration of Buddhist wisdom teachings.

As we further our understanding of our own experience, we will start to recognize how teachings on wisdom melt into teachings on compassion, essentially paving the way for training in compassion to promote wisdom.

All of this will be in support of our Losar Retreat mid-February on Green Tara and our in-depth exploration of Yeshe Tsogyal in May.

Fee for Fall Sequence of Teaching Tuesdays $20/individual classes or $160/series (one class free!) Free for Dawn Mountain members (registration still required in order to receive broadcast links).

Please note:  Individual classes not available via broadcast.  Please contact Jerri at (713) 630-0354 or via email to info@awnmountain.org if you need assistance with your registration.

As always, no one will be turned away due to lack of funds.  Please call Jerri at 713-630-0354 to discuss your situation.