Teaching Tuesdays - 2019 Summer Series


Institute for Spitituality and Health
8100 Greenbriar
Houston, TX 77054
Room Number: 3rd Floor


First and Third Tuesdays
June 4-August 20, 2019

Available live and via broadcast

Interactive Teaching Tuesday Series on Self-Compassion

How can we truly be compassionate if we beat ourselves up?  The dirty little secret about many spiritual practitioners is that they are much kinder to others than to themselves.  If we are truly to ground our compassion for others, it needs to be sourced in an outer way in our compassion for ourselves, and ultimately in an inner way by approaching our Buddha nature.

This sumer will be dedicated to small doable steps for enhancing self-compassion and the ability to compassionately and mindfully communicate.

Along with the important material and lecture on self-compassion, this class will include practice in mindful dialogue/relationship, useful in everyday life.  Participants pair up with a partner, both online via Zoom and in person, and engage in dialogue for up to 15 minutes, a key element to the training on self-compassion.

Harvey Aronson/Lama Namgyal Dorje and Dent Gitchel teach this multi-faceted summer class; both have decades of experience with Buddhist practice, in psychotherapy and mental health counseling.

Fee for Summer Sequence of Teaching Tuesdays:  $20/individual classes or $100/series (one class free!)  Free for those who have an active Dawn Mountain (paid) membership (registration still required in order to receive broadcast links).

Please note:  Individual classes not available via broadcast.  Please contact Jerri at (713) 630-0354 or via email to info@dawnmountain.org if you need assistance with your registration.  As always, no one will be turned away due to lack of funds.  Please call Jerri at 713-630-0354 to discuss your situation.