Teaching Tuesdays - 2020 Summer Series


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First and Third Tuesdays
JUNE 2-AUGUST 18, 2020

Available via broadcast only

Emotions are everywhere. Some find them baffling, or leading to ruin.  Others appreciate their contribution to a fully felt life.  Buddhism has values around emotions.

Hate is out, love is in.

How do we make spiritual hay with the lives we live, that may be overly fraught with emotions, or painfully devoid of them?


Drawing upon mindfulness, compassion (for self and others), and our own heightened self-awareness, this series offers guidance and reflection upon our experiences and our emotions.  Awareness of our emotions and from where they arise offers an insight to both how we experience our outer world and manage our inner world.

While in this era of covid-19, we each may find ourselves facing more intense emotions.  While this series will address these novel experiences, it is also meant as a way to add to our emotional toolbox and practice now and beyond.

Harvey B. Aronson, Ph.D
Dent Gitchel, Ph.D
Simone Woodage, RN
Mark Yurewicz, MD

This series is FREE and open to the public.

If you need assistance with your registration, please contact Jerri at info@dawnmountain.org or call 713-630-0354.